A judge in District of Columbia Superior Court has rolled back the scope of the original warrant that required DreamHost to hand over data belonging to users of anti-Trump website disruptj20.org.
Under a new order, DreamHost will provide a redacted set of data that aims to protect non-subscribers to the website, which is allegedly linked to rioting during the presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C.
On Tuesday Chief Judge Morin said that the court will incorporate “procedural safeguards to comply with First Amendment and Fourth Amendment considerations.”
Under the order, DreamHost will provide the government with all information for the account disruptj20.org, but can redact the user identifying information of any non-subscribers who visited or communicated through the website. DreamHost will be required to hold onto non-redacted copies of the lists should the court order the hosting company to provide any of the non-redactions to the government in the future.
The order comes more than a month after DreamHost talked to The WHIR as it considered its next move.
The government also has to wait until it gets court approval to begin its review of the redacted materials, explaining how it will conduct its review, the intended search protocols, as well as its plan for permanently deleting all data not within the scope of the warrant. The full order can be read here.
In a statement provided to The WHIR, DreamHost general counsel Chris Ghazarian said:
Chief Judge

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