(The Hosting News) – Microsoft has released the first Windows 7 service pack today. Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is an important update that includes previously released security, performance, and stability updates for Windows 7. Installing SP1 helps keep Windows 7 up to date.

Windows 7 SP1 has been available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers since Feb. 18. Through a recent blog, Microsoft announced that the service pack would be available for download on Feb. 22, 2011.

The new service pack update comes with two new desktop virtualization features called RemoteFX and Dynamic Memory.

Remote FX improves video-streaming and 3D program interaction on remote desktops while Dynamic Memory allows a computer to allocate memory between several virtualized desktops.

To download Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, visit http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/downloads/service-packs

Source: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 Now Available for Download


(The Hosting News) — Hosting pioneer AIS Network (http://www.aisn.net) today announced that revered technology executives Doug Humphrey and William L. Schrader have joined its advisory board.  The expert panel was formed this week to guide AISN’s rapid growth and offer strategic insight on cloud computing product development and other issues impacting the business.

“AISN feels honored to have early Internet pioneers and visionaries such as Bill and Doug join our board of advisors.  We are confident their wisdom will help us continue to grow AISN intelligently.  Bill and Doug have proven that they know what’s required to transform business practices and define an entire industry, and we are delighted to have them at our side,” said AISN Chairman Kurt Baumann.

“Building a foundation with two bold, pioneering visionaries like Bill and Doug — men who are serial entrepreneurs, and in their own right, are widely recognized as ‘the father of managed hosting’ and ‘the father of the commercial Internet’ — dramatically enhances the diversity of thought leadership and experience that we have within AISN.”  

CEO Jay Atkinson indicated that AISN would be unveiling new hosted applications and cloud computing products over the coming year.  “For competitive advantage,” he said, “We will draw upon our advisory board’s decades of strategic insight for critical input on key business issues, particularly as we expand the company’s enterprise cloud computing products and move into new markets within North America.”

Humphrey:  Father of Managed Hosting

Acclaimed technologist and speaker, Humphrey is widely recognized as the “father of managed hosting.”  In 1991, he founded DIGEX, an early national Internet services provider credited with creating the “managed hosting” business. The company was a very early — if not the earliest — provider of “hosting” services, which, in time, grew to dominate the company’s offerings.  DIGEX was acquired by Intermedia Communications in July 1997.

Humphrey founded several other companies, including Cidera Inc. (formerly SkyCache, Inc.), which WebUseNet acquired in 2003; and Coloco, which AiNET acquired in 2007.  His roles in those companies ranged from chief executive officer and chief technology officer to president and chairman of the board. 

Humphrey serves as a member of several technology and investment advisory boards. A frequent speaker at Internet conferences, business and law school seminars, and private investor forums, he seeks to provide others with the advice and wisdom of a seasoned entrepreneur.
Schrader: Father of the Commercial Internet

A chairman and CEO for more than 25 years, Schrader is perhaps best known as the “father of the commercial Internet.”  In 1989, he founded PSINet, an early Internet service provider, which was the first of its kind to provide commercial Internet access to companies.  The publicly traded company was a major player in the commercialization of the Internet. 

Schrader developed his skills, insights and decision-making acumen in a broad scope of endeavors ranging from bio-chemical and nuclear physics labs, massively parallel supercomputing, global internetworking, and software development and marketing.

The scale of Schrader’s experience has ranged from private to public, small to very large, stable to exponential growth, one office to 30 countries, and from economic boom to financial ruin and recovery.  In both the growth and downsizing phases, Schrader has successfully led multiple organizations through the analytic processes to establish strategies and engage in tactics resulting in successful exits while minimizing risks and providing gain.

With network operations centers in the Chicago and Washington, DC metropolitan areas, 18-year-old AISN is recognized as a pioneer in managed hosting technologies.

About AIS Network, LLC
AIS Network frees organizations from buying and hassling with servers, so those companies can run their business more efficiently.  AISN clients no longer maintain applications servers in their office, because we secure and care for those servers 24x7x365 in a world-class, disaster-resistant facility and ensure their capacity grows with the client’s business.  Fully managed hosting is what we do best, and AISN has been delivering it in the form of managed, cloud and applications hosting since 1993.  Unlike most hosting companies, AISN, a SAS 70 Type II-certified organization, personalizes client service at every level, inspiring full confidence that mission-critical data, applications and email are in reliable hands.  Visit  www.aisn.net.

Source: Legendary Tech Execs Join AIS Network Advisory Board


(The Hosting News) – Open-Xchange announced today tighter integration with the latest industry-standard control panel Parallels Plesk Panel 10.1, enabling hosting customers and resellers to choose their favorite WebMail application.

Open-Xchange will be available as an option that can be selected in the e-mail setup screen of Parallels Plesk Panel — making it easy for hosting and SaaS providers to replace the Standard Plesk Webmail in existing shared hosting environments with the feature-rich AJAX interface of Open-Xchange and deliver true business-class e-mail features.

“With Open-Xchange’s new availability with Parallels Plesk Panel in addition to Parallels Automation, Partners of all sizes can now easily deliver business class e-mail and communication solutions,” said John Zanni, vice president of alliances at Parallels. “This new capability delivers on what we have heard service providers want: make it easy to get started and the ability to upsell advanced features.”

intergenia, a leading hosting company with more than two million active websites and 40,000 Root and vServers, will use Open-Xchange and Parallels Plesk Panel to deploy end customers and resellers with Open-Xchange business-class e-mail and groupware beginning next quarter — providing users with additional PIM (Personal Information Management) features at no extra cost with an option to move to full groupware, as well as support for mobile devices.

“Open-Xchange and Parallels Plesk Panel have a great chance to become the de facto standard for business e-mail in the hosting industry,” said Tom Strohe, CEO of intergenia AG. “Parallels control panels and automation tools help hosters run their operations as efficiently as possible, while Open-Xchange provides us and our resellers with attractive features to increase the average revenue per user.”

Open-Xchange integrates e-mail, calendar, contact and task management with advanced groupware features such as information management and document sharing, along with cutting-edge social network integration. By adding the Open-Xchange mobility support option, users can receive push e-mail and synchronization of contacts, calendar and other information from their Open-Xchange account to their smartphones, including Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia, Windows Mobile and others.

Open-Xchange’s unique “Social OX” features give users the ability to consolidate any kind of existing webmail accounts — for example from Google and Yahoo — into a folder in Open-Xchange so they can be managed more easily. Plus, contact details from social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing can be added automatically to the Open-Xchange address book — giving users easy access to the latest contact information within their personal network.

Open-Xchange has grown its number of users to more than 24 million people worldwide – an increase of 60 percent in 2010. SaaS partners include 1&1 Internet – the #1 hosting company worldwide, Network Solutions – the #3 hosting company in the U.S., Versatel (Germany), Dotster (U. S.), Lunarpages (U.S.) and iomart Group (U.K.).

About Open-Xchange
Open-Xchange is the innovator of scalable and integrated open source e-mail and collaboration solutions for enterprises, academic institutions, and government authorities. The company provides on-premises versions called Open-Xchange Server Edition and Open-Xchange Appliance Edition, along with Open-Xchange Hosting Edition, which enables web hosting companies to provide an easy-to-use and feature-rich application delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). The Open-Xchange Hosting Edition is architected to integrate into a hosting provider’s existing infrastructure, such as authentication, provisioning, billing, and e-mail storage and does not require that these systems be replaced.

Open-Xchange AG is a privately-held company headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany with offices in Olpe, Germany and Tarrytown, N.Y. For more information, please visit www.open-xchange.com.

Source: Parallels Plesk Panel Adds Open-Xchange


(Gawkwire.com) – topseos.com, an independent authority on search vendors has recently announced the winners of 2010 in SEO & PPC categories as part of their Annual SEO & PPC Competition Awards. The Annual SEO & PPC Competition is the first and only category-based internet award competition dedicated exclusively to online providers over 30 countries worldwide. Companies or agencies wishing to register for competition may do so before the extended deadline on 31st of March 2011.

Companies joining this competition will reap numerous benefits as companies are able to leverage against competitors, get their name in front of Fortune 500 CIOs, attract better quality customers and employees, be recognized as a leading firm and show off their achievements. This competition is geared to help represent the excellence, achievement, and passion towards satisfied clients and aid online companies to further leverage their unique position and breakthrough competitive clutter.

The 2010 Annual SEO & PPC Competition Awards have accepted entries from 30 countries in the field of Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Management categories. Entries judged to be outstanding will be receiving an SEO & PPC Award. Each company that enters the SEO & PPC competition is evaluated over a period of one year. The methodology in selecting the winners is centered on customer satisfaction, the depth of knowledge in the field, reporting methods, practicing what is preached, and additional discrete competitive advantages.

Jeev Trika, Managing Partner of topseos.com shares, "Customer satisfaction is measured in every phase by ensuring that we communicate to the customers of each entrant on a quarterly basis during the one year long evaluation. Queries on the status of the project, the quality of services being performed, the status on the return of their investment are asked on four separate occasions during the year to ensure that no fluke winners are announced at the end of the evaluation.”

topseos.com congratulates the winners of the 2010 SEO and PPC competition. These firms have exemplified their commitment to excellence for the services they provide. All these winners have been reviewed over an entire year, undergone a 4 phase analysis and have come out strong each quarter. Furthermore, these firms understand and excel at customer satisfaction, possess a great depth of knowledge, provide useful information to their clients during projects, manifest great unique advantages and practice what they preach during project management.

2010 SEO Competition Winners
1.)    Customer Magnetism         
2.)    Webimax         
3.)    Slingshot SEO, Inc.         
4.)    SEOP         
5.)    Weblinx Limited         
6.)    Arteworks SEO         
7.)    eVisibility, Inc.         
8.)    SEO Moves         
9.)    Evoba         
10.)    SEO Valley   

2010 PPC Competition Winners
1.)    JumpFly, Inc.         
2.)    Webimax         
3.)    SEOP         
4.)    Wpromote, Inc.         
5.)    SEO Moves         
6.)    eVisibility, Inc.         
7.)    Bruce Clay Inc.         
8.)    iSearch Media, LLC         
9.)    Web.com Search Agency         
10.)    SEO Inc.

This is the perfect time for strong vendors to shine in the spotlight they deserve and add quality clients to their portfolio who are desperately seeking to align with competent internet marketing service providers. This year, online providers can start registering for the 2011 Annual SEO & PPC competition. The scale is big. The competition is big and the stakes, even bigger.



(Gawkwire.com) – Arbor Networks, Inc., a leading provider of security and network management solutions for converged carrier networks and next-generation data centers, announced today that Harbour MSP, a subsidiary of Frontline Systems and one of Australia’s leading providers of managed IT services, has deployed the Peakflow SP platform in order to deliver differentiated security and traffic reporting services to their government and large enterprise customers. The announcement coincides with Government Technology Review’s Cloud Computing Forum 2011 at the Hotel Realm in Canberra, Australia.

Harbour MSP owns and operates Internet Data Centers (IDC) in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Shanghai. They deliver a comprehensive range of capabilities including everything from basic co-location to the design, build and operation of the most complex, high-availability hosted environments. Harbour MSP service offerings include managed infrastructure, monitoring, utility and cloud, Internet and data center services.

“Availability is everything for a hosting and managed services provider and DDoS represents one of the biggest threats there is,” said Andrew Hardy, commercial manager with Harbour MSP. “The combination of Arbor Networks’ Peakflow SP and Threat Management System enables us to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks that can impact availability of customer applications, data and services. Additionally, the Peakflow SP platform enables us to provide a portal to our customers enabling them to see real-time reports on their internal traffic and routing. This combination of detection, mitigation and reporting is a big competitive differentiator for Harbour MSP.”

“DDoS represents a major threat to today’s IDC because a DDoS attack directed at one consumer has the potential to disrupt services for other organizations making use of the same multitenant cloud infrastructure,” said Nick Race, Arbor Networks country manager for Australia and New Zealand. “Peakflow SP not only delivers protection from external attacks such as volumetric and application-layer DDoS attacks, it also addresses internal threats like malicious insiders and compromised hosts.”

Arbor’s Peakflow SP platform delivers a fully integrated, carrier-class solution for the detection and surgical mitigation of both volumetric DDoS, application-layer attacks and also from internal threats like malicious insiders and compromised hosts. Arbor’s Peakflow SP platform delivers three pillars of protection for IDC operators:

Network Infrastructure Protection: Detect and stop DDoS attacks that impact network infrastructure and core IP services.
Application/Service Protection: Ensure the security, availability and performance of the data center’s applications and services.
Data Protection: Assure data is not being accessed or removed by unauthorized persons.

The Peakflow SP platform can also complement or protect existing IDC security products. For example, Peakflow SP TMS can be deployed in front of traditional firewalls or intrusion detection and protection systems (IDPS) and act as a “first line of defense” that helps reduce the load and further optimize the performance of these devices. Peakflow SP TMS has also been used to protect and maintain the availability of these traditional security systems, which are targets of DDoS attacks.

For more information on Arbor Networks DDoS Detection & Mitigation Solutions



Communication is the key to success

Mom’s internment was today. It’d been nearly 3 weeks since I got the call at the office that stressed the importance of seeing her in the hospital. I dropped everything I was doing and made the 2,000 mile journey. It just seems like a long time to get her remains from where she passed to where she wanted to be laid to rest. That proverbial red tape is everywhere. She had everything planned out. No service or ceremony, just a memorial after some time. She was ready; I wasn’t. But I’m OK with that. (Read More…)

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(The Hosting News) – Bitrix, Inc., a technology trendsetter in business communications, introduces its TrafficJuggler™ load balancing technology, which effectively addresses customers’ needs for online business continuity. It delivers industry-leading performance capable of handling traffic spikes caused by extreme visitor activity or by targeted DDoS attacks.

“Sudden traffic spikes and web terrorism are common realities that threaten online business continuity. To cope with this challenge, we continuously improve our products’ performance capabilities, resulting in a stunning figure of 430% growth over the past three years,” said Dmitry Valyanov, President of Bitrix, Inc.

The latest independent performance testing of Bitrix Site Manager revealed it is capable of managing up to 85 million requests per day for websites running on modest hardware, while maintaining acceptable response time and fault-tolerance. This extreme performance indicator derives from Bitrix’ unique combination of HTML caching, database interaction and data compression techniques along with an integrated performance monitor providing real-time performance statistics and advice for improvements.

Thanks to TrafficJuggler™, Bitrix Site Manager effectively solves bottlenecks while handling huge amounts of traffic without performance regression and providing visitors a high-quality website experience. At the same time, website owners can significantly reduce costs associated with hardware rental and the involvement of qualified staff since the majority of fine tuning of performance can be done by non tech-savvy users in-house.

Recent confirmation of Bitrix Site Manager’s outstanding performance capabilities was apparent in the sustained operation of the Svyaznoj online shop, one of the largest Russian retailers with 1,900 shops all around the country. During the peak shopping season in December 2010, their website successfully processed up to 200,000 unique visitors per day performing resource-hungry operations like online shopping.

Coupled with PRO+PRO™ security frameworkTrafficJuggler™ also serves as an ideal tool for balancing malicious traffic ensuring normal operation of websites. “Many websites receive a great deal of attention from the computer underworld. Bitrix Site Manager’s performance capabilities and integrated web application firewall allow repulsion of many attacks with its native traffic balancing technology and without the need to resort to special third-party tools,” said Marcel Nizam, Head of Web Security Development at Bitrix.

Source: Bitrix Site Manager Helps Manage Peak Traffic and Prevent DDoS Attacks

(The Hosting News) – Plixer International, Inc., a leading global provider of network traffic monitoring and analysis tools, has announced its release of Scrutinizer NetFlow & sFlow Analyzer version 8.5, allowing users more flexibility in managing network security.

Scrutinizer is a network management software tool that provides incredibly detailed network utilization information about the users and applications that are causing the most traffic. Using Cisco’s NetFlow Technology (an IOS software feature found in an ever increasing number of switches and routers), Scrutinizer is able to retrieve the traffic flow data and present it in an intuitive, clear graphical view.

Enhancements available with Scrutinizer version 8.5 include reporting on Cisco’s new Network Performance Monitoring for Medianets with a new Flow Analytics algorithm for Cisco Performance Monitor Reports, showing VoIP features including jitter, packet loss, and latency. This technology provides companies deep insight into call quality of every VoIP connection and video stream which is an advancement from the limitations of IP SLA. Scrutinizer’s extensive support for Flexible NetFlow (the latest version of NetFlow) is what makes Plixer’s implementation of Cisco Performance Monitor Reports so comprehensive.

The newest version of Scrutinizer also includes Mailinizer Email Analyzer in the core feature set. Mailinizer is highly customizable and offers detailed views of email server communications for Microsoft® Exchange administrators.

Additionally, Scrutinizer now includes:

Support for Advanced Flexible NetFlow and IPFIX with cross template reporting

Support for SonicWALL NetFlow configuration and SonicWALL IPFIX

Deep packet application recognition using Cisco NetFlow NBAR which provides the ability to identify applications     beyond HTTP

Advanced reporting and alarming filters

SonicWALL IPFIX Reporting on the top URLs, intrusions, and viruses as well as user names

Template selection when viewing Cisco ASA NetFlow exports.

Reports on MAC Address, VLANs and other layer 2 information using NetFlow and IPFIX exports from SonicWALL, nProbe,     Enterasys, Cisco, and Juniper.

Recently touted by Jim Frey of Enterprise Management Associates as the best pure play he’s seen for NetFlow reporting,

Scrutinizer also features improved styling and graphing, and the Google map engine has been updated.

Customers around the globe have recognized the benefits of using Scrutinizer for their network traffic analysis.

Recently, organizations such as AT&T, Jaguar Land Rover, the State of Oregon, and the United States Department of Defense have begun taking advantage of Scrutinizer’s advanced NetFlow reporting capabilities.

Plixer Product Manager Michael Patterson believes that Plixer’s expertise in NetFlow and focus on customer service and satisfaction leads to a superior product. “We take customer feedback very seriously because our customers are knowledgeable IT experts,” he said. “If a feature is requested and makes sense, we will incorporate it.”

Plixer’s software products are available to the global market. Introductory pricing starts at $3,495.00 USD. Plixer’s website provides further information about available products and services and provides continually updating user support through technical blogs and chats.

About Plixer International, Inc.

Plixer International, Inc. develops and markets network traffic monitoring and analysis tools to the global market. All of the tools are built from the ground up with valuable feature sets and ease of use in mind. Plixer tools have been used to analyze and troubleshoot irregular traffic patterns by IT professionals with some of the largest networks in the world, such as CNN, The Coca-Cola Company, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Regal Cinemas, Raytheon, and Eddie Bauer.

For product and sales information, contact Plixer International, Inc. at 1 Eagle Drive, Sanford, Maine, via telephone 207-324-8805, via fax 207-324-8683, on Facebook, on Twitter, or through the Plixer website at http://www.plixer.com.

Source: Plixer International Launches Scrutinizer NetFlow Analyzer Version 8.5

(The Hosting News) – Perceptive Software, creator of enterprise content management solutions, including ImageNow document management, imaging and workflow, announced today the release of ImageNow 6.6.

Perceptive Software’s latest release features next-generation 64-bit server architecture for maximum performance in highly scaled enterprise settings.

The native 64-bit design of ImageNow Server version 6.6 builds on the proven performance of its advanced and widely deployed 32-bit version to meet the needs of enterprise users increasingly deploying 64-bit environments.

“With this release, Perceptive Software can now take full advantage of 64-bit operating systems to provide front-line scalability and performance at a compelling price point compared to systems that run in a sub-optimal 32-bit compatibility mode on 64-bit systems,” said Darren Knipp, chief technology officer, Perceptive Software

64-bit advantages include:

Allows applications to go beyond the two-gigabyte ceiling (per application process) of 32-bit systems’ addressable     memory

Less reliance on slow disk-based input/output operations of virtual memory

Increased access to larger amounts of high-speed physical memory

Sustained performance in highly scaled enterprise settings

As a multi-threaded application already capable of running on multiple processor cores, ImageNow is well-prepared for even newer generations of 64-bit processors that contain an ever-increasing number of cores—a spec that has limits in current 32-bit and even 64-bit hardware.

“In practical terms, this will mean many more simultaneous users supported by a single server while maintaining superior performance,” Knipp added. “ImageNow 64-bit technology prepares our customers’ ECM systems for almost unlimited future expansion.”

In addition to native 64-bit server compatibility, ImageNow 6.6 includes multiple enhancements to Perceptive Software’s Business Insight, eForms, Retention Policy Manager and capture offerings. To improve the application’s ability to secure sensitive data in healthcare, government, and other industries requiring strong encryption, Perceptive Software has updated its encryption methods to leverage to Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Other ImageNow 6.6 features include deeper integration with the Epic EMR system and SAP business system.

About Perceptive Software (http://www.perceptivesoftware.com)

Perceptive Software, a stand-alone business unit within Lexmark International, builds enterprise content management software to help organizations effortlessly manage the entire lifecycle of their documents and information, fueling greater operational efficiency. Organizations in more than 30 countries rely on Perceptive Software and its flagship product ImageNow® to simplify their business processes through cost-effective content management solutions that create immediate and lasting impact.

Source: 64-bit ImageNow 6.6 Release


(The Hosting News) - VegasNAP LLC, a premier provider of co-location, disaster-recovery and managed IT services based in Las Vegas, Nevada, today announced a joint-operating agreement with WORLDLINK, Inc., one of Washington’s finest independent data center operators. Enterprise clients of the two companies can now enjoy protection and peace of mind by having the option of redundant data and business continuity centers in two major U.S. metropolitan locations in the western United States.

Under the agreement, VegasNAP and WORLDLINK will jointly support clients of both companies that want to protect and secure their mission-critical equipment in more than one data center. Together, the two companies have state-of-the-art co-location centers in Las Vegas, NV and Seattle, WA.

WORLDLINK clients now can access VegasNAP’s end-user disaster recovery solutions, which include co-location hot and warm sites, voice and data connectivity, and professional services to aid with disaster recovery. VegasNAP’s customers can receive the same services and support in WORLDLINK’s state-of-the-art Washington’s data centers.

“Whether it’s natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, blackouts or even manmade events, clients of both our companies can now take advantage of our co-location, recovery and business continuity solutions,” Rob Tyree, VegasNAP’s Chief Technical Officer, said. “Both companies’ clients now have co-location centers available in diverse locations. Our customers and prospects can develop localized and regional disaster recovery strategies that make sense.”

According to WORLDLINK CEO Darwin Hill, “This partnership gives our valued clients iron-clad protection against virtually any disaster scenario. It’s exciting for us because it allows us to expand our service offerings and provide even greater levels of redundancy and support to our customers.”

The VegasNAP and WORLDLINK data centers are designed to meet the highest industry standards. Both facilities are 2N+1 or N+1 redundant, high-security network facilities with 24/7 access to equipment. They feature ultra-reliable uninterruptible power supplies for continuous availability with generator backup to ensure the highest standards of power stability, along with state-of-the-art Fire Suppression Systems and high-end security systems consisting of biometric verification entry and digital remote monitoring and recording systems.

About VegasNAP, LLC

VegasNAP, LLC operates the premier carrier-neutral colocation datacenter in Nevada. The VegasNAP colocation facility is a fully redundant, SAS 70 Type II audited datacenter that provides services for financial institutions, small and medium business, hosting companies, and Software as a Service providers, and also serves as a Point of Presence (POP) for several world-class regional, national, and international backbone networks. VegasNAP is also home to the Las Vegas Internet Exchange (LVIX.net), the only open Internet exchange point in Southern Nevada. VegasNAP was founded in 2009 by a core group of industry veterans with over 50 years of combined experience in the technology and engineering fields.


Founded in 1996, WORLDLINK, Inc. is a premier provider of Co-Location, Disaster Recovery, and Managed IT solutions for businesses of any size. WORLDLINK owns and operates three datacenters in the Seattle region of the Pacific Northwest which services local, national, and international clients. WORLDLINK specializes in customizing IT solutions to meet their customer’s specific needs, from the simple to the complex.
The staff at WORLDLINK has a combined 60+ years experience in networking, hosting, technology, marketing, and telecommunications. With this practical experience, WORLDLINK has the knowledge and experience necessary to remain a market-leading provider in datacenter, co-location, and IT services.

Source: VegasNAP Joins WORLDLINK To Offer West Coast Co-Location and Disaster-Recovery Services

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