(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Canadian Web hosting provider RackForce Networks (www.rackforce.com) announced on Tuesday it has added a high performance storage area network offering to its portfolio of services.

According to the press release, the new service provides “solid performance, flexibility and reliability at a lower price point,” as well as compliments RackForce’s existing high performance SAN offering.

The services are delivered on the NetApp storage platform and supports many storage needs such as mainstream enterprise applications, disaster recovery solutions, and development and test environments.


(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) – Data center operator i/o (www.iodatacenters.com) announced on Tuesday that it has appointed three new senior executives. Kevin Malik was named chief information officer, David Shaw is i/o’s new chief operating officer and Kathy Kim was named VP of corporate communications.

These appointments come two months after the company secured $105 million of growth capital. 

“As the demand for our modular data center solutions continues to exceed expectations, it’s vital that we attract the best people in the industry,” Anthony Wanger, president of i/o said in a statement. “The addition of these talented individuals with their respective subject knowledge, experience and reputation, plays an important role in accelerating i/o’s capabilities as a global technology-based leader.” 


(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Web hosting and content management provider SubHub (www.subhub.com) announced on Tuesday it is in the process of changing its business model to become a reseller of Drupal CMS, according to a report by paidContent:UK.

The company currently provides hosted publishing software to small publishers that are looking to charge for their content, for $82 per month.

SubHub will now become a reseller of the Drupal CMS, as well as launch a paid app store for the popular CMS.


Relax – It’s easier than you think

When I began the journey into supplying internet commodities (that I no longer do), I knew I’d need to be always accessible. The only way to be always accessible, is to never sleep. Since, not sleeping wasn’t an option, I came up with the next best thing. I only napped…(Read More…)

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(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) – Web hosting provider BrightHost (www.brighthost.com) announced on Tuesday that it is expanding to Hong Kong by deploying its cloud offering within an Equinix (www.equinix.com) data center.

According to the press release, Australia-based BrightHost will offer its managed private cloud solutions in Hong Kong through Equinix’s Hong Kong International Business Exchange. 

Last year, Equinix announced its plans to open a second Hong Kong data center. HK2 will be open in the third quarter of 2011.


(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Apple (www.apple.com) confirmed on Tuesday that it will announce details next Monday for its upcoming iCloud services offering at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

The announcement confirms suspicions among industry insiders that the company’s massive, 500,000 square-foot data center in Maiden, North Carolina were strong indications it would soon be launching a new cloud offering. The data center will also support iTunes and MobileMe services.

It has also been confirmed that Apple has registered iCloud.com domain for the service.


(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) – Technology giant Dell (www.dell.com) is looking to acquisitions to expand its server market, according to a report by Bloomberg.

According to the report, Amit Midha, Dell’s president for Greater China and South Asia said on Tuesday that  Dell is interested in buying “everything around data centers.”

“We want to continue to bring innovation through acquisitions,” Midha said in a statement.


(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — New findings by security research group F-Secure (www.f-secure.com) reveal that online application Google Docs may contain phishing websites, according to the company’s blog post Monday.

Using Google Docs, individuals can create documents and spreadsheets which are hosted on Google’s cloud platform.

And while seeing the google.com domain in the address may reassure many visitors that the site is both safe and secure, F-Secure findings may cause many to reconsider.


(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) – Colocation provider Data Foundry (www.datafoundry.com) announced on Tuesday that its Texas 1 data center to be open in June is now fully powered by dual feeds from two separate substations in Texas.

The 250,000 square foot data center marks the first facility in Data Foundry’s 40-acre Data Ranch campus in Austin.

In March, the WHIR published an in-depth look at the design process behind Texas 1, the first in a three-part series analyzing the design, construction and launch of the facility.


(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) – Web hosting provider Infinitely Virtual (www.infinitelyvirtual.com) announced last week that it is offering email encryption as a stand-alone service.

According to the press release, the email encryption will also be an option on all VON standard, premium and dedicated exchange hosting plans.

Infinitely Virtual says its cloud-based email encryption service a necessary component of any business communication process since it ensures confidential information is protected. 

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