Japan-based Bitcoin exchange and one of the most important business in crypto-currency, Mt. Gox, has filed for bankruptcy protection and ceased transactions after allegedly losing roughly $380 million worth of customers’ Bitcoins.


Cyber threats and attacks in India increased dramatically in 2013; by 136 percent for government organizations and 126 percent for financial services, according to Arbor Networks. The company released a batch of information this week on threats in India from its 9th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report.


A group of former government leaders have come together to form a Federal Advisory Council (FAC) for cloud provider Carpathia. The Carpathia FAC will provide guidance on federal trends and develop strategies for leveraging Carpathia’s cloud operator platform to maximize its benefit to government organizations.


Bitronic Technologies has just released a new shared hosting stack. Thier new Shared Cloud Hosting stack is based on CloudLinux. CloudLinux offers some major benefits over CentOS. With CL each account or site is an isolated virtual machine in the CloudLinux LVE. The site is allotted it's own RAM, processor and disk IO. The ability to select a PHP stack and extensions independent of other users …


Microsoft has surpassed Amazon to become the largest Windows hosting company, according to a report by Netcraft released on Wednesday.
According to Netcraft, Microsoft and Amazon have been hovering around the same number of web-facing Windows computers for nine months. Microsoft has squeaked ahead with 23,400 computers versus Amazon’s 22,600.


IBM has introduced some new services and tools this week for building hybrid and private clouds under its Platform Computing Cloud Service, and it is also working on integrating the IBM Power System architecture platform into its SoftLayer cloud infrastructure.


CloudFlare released its Transparency Report on Thursday, covering governmental requests it received in 2013, including requests related to the company it acquired earlier this week, StopTheHacker.


Cloud orchestration software provider Flexiant announced this week at Parallels Summit 2014 a key partnership that will see Parallels resell its Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator solution.


This week, the UK government has opened its G-Cloud 5, the latest iteration of a framework through which suppliers provide public sector buyers with cloud-based services such as web hosting, site analytics and document collaboration tools.


Melbourne IT announced on Thursday that it has acquired domain registry competitor Netregistry in a deal valued at $50.4 million in cash and stock.

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