Drupal hosting provider Acquia has partnered with CloudFlare to sell CloudFlare DDoS and CDN services under its own brand, Acquia announced Monday. The solutions will be sold as Acquia Edge Protect and Edge CDN, respectively.

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Content Delivery Network provider Akamai Technologies has purchased Octoshape, a provider of solutions that optimize the quality of video streams for Over-The-Top content and Internet Protocol television (or “IPTV”).

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Cloud performance analysis company CloudHarmony has published a breakdown showing that for CDN and DNS services, the standard is now 100 percent uptime, while for other services, brief interruptions remain common.

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LeaseWeb is launching a CDN point of presence in Singapore, the company announced this week. The move expands LeaseWeb’s CDN network further into Asia, increasing speeds in the Asia Pacific region, and increasing its overall CDN capacity by 100Gbps to 500Gbps globally.


Apple has hired employees with suitable backgrounds to be part of a new group that will be building out a new CDN, which could give Apple greater control of its service delivery quality and costs, according to various reports.


A new content delivery network has been launched this week by a Czech startup known as CDNlion.com using the OnApp federated CDN for service providers.


October 11, 2013 — In the week ending October 11, 2013, there are discounts on .PRO domains, a CDN service, and Linux and Windows web hosting.

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(The Hosting News) – Hosting provider LeaseWeb on Monday announced a new offering: Its own CDN.

The contend delivery network can be used by clientele to perform tasks such as file distribution, live feed streaming and VoD.

“With one of the largest hosting networks and a current total capacity of 3.0 Tbps, backed with strong peering agreements, LeaseWeb’s CDN offers a high capacity connection with protection from Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS),” stated LeasWeb CDN Manager Manrique de Lara via a press release.

LeaseWeb’s solutions include cloud, colocation, dedicated servers, custom solutions and more.

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Most people in the web hosting and internet services industry have heard of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Some have even been victims of a DDoS attack, and have seen the potential devastation that comes as a result.

If you want to protect your business, your infrastructure, and your customers against DDoS attacks, understanding the term is not enough. Trends in DDoS attacks change continually, and eliminating them means working hard to keep up.

At HostingCon 2013, you can get an extensive overview of the latest trends in DDoS attacks and the latest approaches to mitigation. In “Identifying DDoS Trends and Eliminating Attacks,” a panel of security specialists will brief you on how attacks are changing, and present the most effective approaches to defense today.

How are DDoS attacks changing?

Conventionally, DDoS attacks have worked by overwhelming servers and infrastructures with requests. In an attempt to process every request, your devices are unable to keep up. Legitimate traffic does not move quickly and efficiently through your network, because attack traffic gets in the way. The result is poor performance for your customers and their users and, in the worst cases, server downtime.

Attacks based on the volume of traffic sent to a server are known as volumetric attacks, or Layer 3 and Layer 4 attacks. If a network has enough bandwidth, they can simply be absorbed into the network. For example, a large scale content delivery network (CDN) or cloud infrastructure could comfortably offset the traffic away from servers, without noticeable degradation to service quality.

However, the size of attacks has significantly increased in the past few years. Just this year, The New York Times reported that anti-spam organization Spamhaus was the victim of the largest DDoS attack in history. As attacks grow in volume, absorption becomes a less effective form of mitigation.

In addition, attacks are becoming more intelligent. Application-based attacks, also known as Layer 7 attacks, do not focus on volume and scale and, as a result, are much harder to detect. In many cases, the signs of a Layer 7 attack require in-depth, intelligent analysis to identify.

The old approaches to DDoS mitigation do not always work as the pattern of attacks changes. Defending your infrastructure and customers requires a form of protection designed around the latest threats.

Improve your DDoS protection at HostingCon 2013

As you protect your business against attack, keeping up with trends and changes can be incredibly time consuming. At HostingCon 2013, you can get the information you need about DDoS attacks and mitigation in a precise and comprehensive panel session.

The “Identifying DDoS Trends and Eliminating Attacks” session brings together four DDoS mitigation experts. You will hear from Jeffrey Lyon (Black Lotus), Curtis R. Curtis (Sharksfly Marketing Solutions), Gary Sockrider (Arbor Networks), and Rodney Joffe (Neustar), as they discuss what is happening right now in DDoS protection. The session offers the insight you need to stop attacks and maintain your services.

“Identifying DDoS Trends and Eliminating Attacks” takes place on Wednesday, June 19th at 4:00pm.

To attend HostingCon 2013 and learn how you can stop, prevent, and mitigate DDoS attacks, register now.

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April 22, 2013 — CDNify launched its CDN service and company on Monday to simplify content delivery for startups and developers.

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